public speaking is a vital skill in any area of career success.  If you are pursuing a career—in virtually any field—good speaking skills will enable you to advance far more quickly than your peers.

Perhaps you feel that you’re not a gifted speaker, that public speakers are born and not created. But the truth is that you speak publicly all the time; whenever you gather with a group of friends or answer a question in class or explain something to coworkers, you are speaking publicly. Speaking well is a skill, and no skill is gained without practice.

This course will help you increase your skills as a public speaker. Over the course of the next 20 lessons, you will learn how to be a good listener, analyze your audience, do research, organize your thoughts and notes, prepare an outline, and craft a memorable speech. You will also learn how to use stage fright to your advantage, how to control the audience’s responses, how to use visual aids, how to use language, and much more! Use the lined pages in the back of the book to take important notes as you make your way through the lessons.

Each lesson also presents exercises that will help you hone what you’ve learned, one step at a time. The final lesson presents the texts of several famous speeches so that you can read for yourself how to craft a great speech. All types of speeches are covered: speeches to persuade, to demonstrate, to inform, and to honor special occasions. With this book, some practice, and  you can become a skillful public speaker!