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Mastering Fedora Core Linux 5

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Fedora is a Unix-Like OS which is based on the latest Linux Kernel and GNU program. We often call this as Linux distribution. Fedora is developed by a community called Fedora Project. This training course is divided into twelve chapters. The lesson plan is shown below:

  • Chapter 1       Fedora Core 5 Installation, Boot, and Login
  • Chapter 2       Package Management
  • Chapter 3       User Account Management and Single User Mode
  • Chapter 4       File Types, Privileges, and Backups
  • Chapter 5       File and Directory System and Related Commands
  • Chapter 6       Network and IP Configuration
  • Chapter 7       Managing the DNS Server
  • Chapter 8       Web Servers, Virtual Web Hosts, and Secure Web Pages
  • Chapter 9       Samba Server
  • Chapter 10       E-mail Configuration
  • chapter 11 The proxy Server and FTP server

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