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T here is no way around it. Following the rules of grammar in your business writing is essential. It helps you avoid making “too many wrong mistakes.” It also helps your message come through like a bolt of summer lightning, instead of a garbled display of misplaced words and poor spelling. Although no one has …

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business writing

Business Writing Skills

No matter how much technology advances, the skill of articulating clearly, effectively, and professionally will always be valued highly. One reason it is difficult to communicate well in writing is that the words you choose are not accompanied by inflections, tone, facial expressions, and body language, as they are quite naturally during conversations. In writing, …

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

public speaking is a vital skill in any area of career success.  If you are pursuing a career—in virtually any field—good speaking skills will enable you to advance far more quickly than your peers. Perhaps you feel that you’re not a gifted speaker, that public speakers are born and not created. But the truth is …

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adobe illustrator CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Basic Level

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Basic Level Course Description:  This Adobe Illustrator CS6 Basic Level course will teach you how to use the essential features of illustrator version CS6.  The  first lesson is to explore the illustrator Workspace. The second lesson is to how to select and organize. The third lesson is to create and edit shapes. …

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Super Foods

1. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is found in orange-colored foods. The body converts the provitamin (a substance that is converted into a vitamin) into vitamin A, which helps boost the immune system, as well as eye health. It also helps reduce damage from free radicals and keeps the …

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Excel 2019 training

Excel 2019

Learn how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2019 program. This is a step by step training program that you can learn fast and easy.